Matt Livingston

Sys admin - Web developer - Speck Chaser - Dad

A few of my services

Google Apps for Work

Let’s set your business up to work in “the cloud” with Google Apps for Work. Google Apps provides your business with professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Built for business, designed for teams.


Website Migration

Thinking of moving your existing site to a new host? I can assist in moving your site and databases to a new host or even host it on one of my private servers for better performance.

Complete E-Commerce Solution

Move your business into the next generation with an online shopping cart. I can easily help you convert your existing site to an e commerce solution or create your site from the ground up. With an online shopping cart you business can now be open 24/7.

Performance Overhaul

If you site is loading slow and you have a high bounce rate, then it is time to take a look at the performance of not only your website but also your host. I can maximize your website performance to increase revenue and/or page views drastically.

Mobile App Solution

Need your mobile app built or improved? I have been building iPhone apps for over 8 years and Android apps for over 6 years now. Currently I have published over 25 different apps over the 2 stores.

Your next big idea

Have the next big idea? I would love to hear about it and offer some consultation. Planning your website and/or app design to handling the scalability of the backend can be a daunting task, luckily I can help out.

Little Bit About Me

I live here in Arkansas and enjoy my time hunting and fishing this great state. Unfortunately hunting specklebellies and greenheads in the fall and winter doesn’t pay the bills.

I am a Systems Administrator by day and build cool stuff like ELK Stacks, for centralized log monitoring and BRO IDS Clusters for security. Check out my gists or my github for some cool scripts.

I also build websites using WordPress, iPhone apps, Android apps, and dabble in some custom web development. Contact me below to discuss how I can help you or your business out, feel free to visit some of the sites I have built recently.

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